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We spent the past half a year working on a new iteration for MultiLoader 2, our video ripper and conversion utility that we have launched in January 2012. MultiLoader is more than a complete rewrite of the previous version: it packs up a number of innovative technologies, ranging from one of industry’s fastest multi-threaded downloaders to automatic taggers, conversion presets and –why not – interface.

But enough with the chit-chat, here are the main points of interest for this release.

Multi-thread downloads: MultiLoader would not be worth its name if it weren’t for the multi-threading-capable download system that is the core of our application. It takes the video or audio file you wish to convert, splits it in up to 99 chunks and downloads these chunks simultaneously. That is why Softonic said in their product review that the download “performance is quite impressive. It downloaded videos in HD faster than any video downloader we’ve tested.“

Redesigned UI: We believe in beautiful products, but usability is as important. We brought essential features together to make related tasks more accessible and intuitive. One example would be the download and convert option, which allows you to convert the video to your desired media file format in just one step, so you can have anything you need at hand.

Organizer and tagger: brand-new to this release of MultiLoader is the post-conversion organizer and tagger which ensures that the MP3 file you are about to create is properly tagged with metadata about the track, artist, album name, release date and cover art. If you are a music enthusiast, MultiLoader is also able to cluster the MP3 files in folders named after the artist, album name, release year or a combination of all of these elements.

What else is changed?

One of the strongest points of MultiLoader was the “bang per buck”. We used to offer MultiLoader for free and clean of the pay-per-install junk that has taken over the free software industry in the past few years. MultiLoader has never forced toolbars or other applications up your throat upon installation and it never will, even if we got quite a number of offers to do so.

This, however, dramatically affects our resources, and, implicitly, the development time. During the past seven months, we served more than 300 GB of data in the form of product downloads and updates via the SphynxSoft website alone. As you probably know, this incurs additional costs which are paid from our very own pockets.

That is why we have added a splash screen that shows up on every start of the application. It does not cripple the application in any way, nor does it interfere with your regular use of this software. It however reminds you that we need your donations to keep this project alive and kicking. If you donate any amount, you receive a serial number that is valid for life and you’ll never see the reminder screen again. If you choose not to donate, you’ll also be able to use MultiLoader with no limitations, no nags and no expiration date whatsoever, for both commercial and personal purposes. Donation would only help us grow and make you feel good about your contribution to the project.

Now that you have the full disclosure, how about taking MultiLoader 2 for a spin while it’s still hot?

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