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Hyperball Overview

If you are into file forensics or if you’re simply trying to see whether a file is infected or not without installing an antivirus, then Hyperfile is the right product for you. Powered by 42 anti-virus scanners in the VirusTotal infrastructure, the application can analyze files, MD5 hashes and URLs. The PE information module analyzes the application’s file headers to extract key information about the file compiler and packer.



Version for Win2003/XP/Vista/Win7

Size: 3.76 MB [2012-07-28] Changelog

MD5: ca7aa40aea181f6a16ca04e9a8967a27


  • Small and user-friendly: it can be copied to a flash drive or moved without having to reinstall the application;
  • Monolithic structure: the file is a single executable that needs no installation or extraction;
  • No services are required to be activated in Windows, thus reducing the memory consumption and dramatically increasing system stability;
  • Scans files even if there is no locally-installed antivirus; which makes it the perfect tool for antivirus researchers;
  • Generates PDF reports of the information collected during analysis;
  • Able to recognize a wide range of compilers and packers;
  • Free to use for commercial, personal or educational use without any restrictions.

  • Microsoft Windows XP or later (works on any NT-based distribution)
  • 1024×768 screen resolution with 24-bit colors
  • 50 MB free disk space
  • 256 MB RAM
  • Internet access for file scanning

Hyperball is a multilingual tool that is continuously being localized to newer languages. In order to facilitate translation by third parties, we are offering the English file that contains all the interface strings. Because of the way the application is engineered, you will be unable to add new translations by yourself. If you plan to translate Hyperball to your language, please send us the file at contact@sphynxsoft.com and we’ll integrate it for you.

Application FAQ

What exactly is Hyperball?
Is Hyperball an antivirus?
Will Hyperball upload any of my files anywhere?
What happens to the uploaded files?

In-the-cloud Scanner

Hyperball harnesses the power of multi-engine cloud scanners offered by VirusTotal. There is no need to install any antivirus on your PC in order to start scanning files.

PE File Analyzer

The state-of-the-art PE file scanner can extract all data in the PE file within seconds. Hyperball can identify more than 7000 compilers and packers and offer you insight for diassembly.

HEX file reader

Hyperball comes with a HEX file reader for displaying the contents of the file.

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