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Sleepwalker Overview

Ever wanted to fall asleep while listening to music, and then shutdown your computer? This nifty little software utility can become one of your favorite allies in fighting power consumption, as it can send the computer in any power mode, such as Standby, Hibernate, Suspend, Power Off. More than that, when the pre-set timer is up, the utility can fire up the screensaver, run a file of your choice, or merely log you off. SleepWalker packs all the features of a premium program in a free-of-cost envelope.



Version for Win2003/XP/Vista/Win7

Size: 7MB [2012-01-07] Changelog

MD5: 2d1be70dadb9b584e9c1e459de622935

  • Small and user-friendly: it can be copied to a flash drive or moved without having to reinstall the application;
  • Monolithic structure with a single executable file
  • No services are required to be activated in Windows, thus reducing the memory consumption and dramatically increasing system stability.
  • Option for forceful restart: your computer will shutdown, even if there are applications hung or blocked.

  • Microsoft Windows XP or later (works on any NT-based distribution)
  • 1024×768 screen resolution with 24-bit colors
  • 50 MB free disk space
  • 256 MB RAM
  • Optional Internet access for auto-update


Less size, more muscle

SleepWalker has been conceived as a monolithic application, with only one critical file: the main executable. Unlike other shutdown-related products, SleepWalker does not rely on additional memory-consuming services and intricate applications.


SleepWalker is so small and user-friendly that it can be easily copied on a flash drive, and then moved from computer to computer. It would automatically detect its file path, create additional registry keys and give you the freedom of forgetting about shutting down your computer.

No extra services

No services are required to be activated in Windows, thus reducing the memory consumption and dramatically increasing system stability. 

Video Review

Customer Testimonials

Luca Navigator, Italy
I use the utility infrequently but I find it very useful when there are “cleaning” tasks to do with my computer (like defragmentation, hard disk virus sweep or similar). I know that when the work is over Sleepwalker will take care of properly shutting down my system. Simple and effectiveLuca Navigator, Italy
Niels Skytte Christensen, Denmark
SleepWalker is a great utility, works where others fail. It successfully puts my PCs to sleep or shutdown when idle. I’ve used other utilities but most fail to implement the ‘Shutdown when Idle’ feature correctly, especially on my old PCs. I would gladly pay for this product, but guess what, it’s free 🙂Niels Skytte Christensen, Denmark

Ionut Ilascu, Softpedia
SleepWalker manages to combine two useful actions: automatic turn off of the system and cleaning Windows temporary folders. And it is quite good at it. Ionut Ilascu, Softpedia

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